What seems obvious and common sense good practice to you as a service provider may not be so obvious to your clients. That can leave clients vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous or simply unthinking service providers. That’s true of pretty much any industry and web design is no exception. I want to share with you two tips you should consider when you are planning a new website.

Jim’s Disappearing Web Designer

Meet Jim. His business website was built for him in back in 2007. It’s badly in need of updating as the website is not responsive (mobile-friendly) and a lot of the information on the site is now out-of-date. But he’s finding it increasingly difficult to get hold of his web designer to make the updates. He has no other way of accessing his website except through his web designer. He’s really stuck!

Worse than that, his hard-to-reach web designer also owns Jim’s domain name (web address), which is his business name and so a vital part of his brand. So even if Jim opts to start a new website from scratch on new hosting, he can’t get access to his domain name to point it to the new website.

Own It!

If you are considering commissioning a website make sure that you own the domain and hosting for your new website. When your new website is done get all your account details to allow you access your domain, web hosting and content management system (e.g. WordPress) and any social media accounts that may have been set up as part of the project. Make sure you have access to the email used in the setting up of these accounts too so you can manage password changes and other account administration.

Even if you don’t intend to access these accounts yourself and you intend to continue working with your web designer, it’s important that you have control over these accounts. At a minimum it’s good business continuity planning in case your web designer becomes unavailable.  Your website and domain are too important a part of your brand – you must have full access and control.

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