Failing to reach your customers on Facebook?  You’re not the only one.

Facebook’s algorithm, Edgerank, claims to be designed to curate Facebook users’ news feeds to optimise their Facebook experience.  For Facebook business pages, this translates as falling reach and ultimately having to pay to reach even those that have liked your page.

Many Facebook Page owners are still unaware that their posts are not seen by those that like their page.  Not just that their post gets lost in their customer’s busy news feed but that their posts are not displayed on their customers news feeds at all.   Indeed, many Facebook users are unaware that they may not be seeing all the posts of pages that they have liked.

This emphasises the importance for Facebook page owners of keeping an eye on their Insights figures. Organic (non-paid) post reach figures of less than 10% of page likes are not uncommon. This means that a post made by a page with 500 likes may only reach 50 of those people who like that page.

For users the solution is to click the ‘Get Notifications’ option (on the ‘Like’ button drop-down menu on Facebook pages).  This ensures they are alerted when that page posts to Facebook.

For page owners the solution is to pay Facebook, for example using Boost Post.  In my experience, following high reach results with Boost Post initially (post reaches of more than 25,000 on a page with less than 500 likes), Boost Post reach for the same budget has plummeted in recent months (post reaches now sub-10,000 for the same page).   This may indicate a squeeze by Facebook – pay more to reach the same number of people.

A particular bug bear of mine is that the reach figures are unverifiable. The only way to verify that the post is reaching more people is increased engagement (more post clicks, likes, comments, shares, etc.).  While I do notice increased engagement in my boosted posts, the engagement is not necessarily proportional to the reach figures.  Now, this could be because different posts are simply more engaging than others.  However the disparity of the results I’ve had on boost posts makes me wonder.  What are your experiences of reaching your fans and followers on Facebook?

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