Choosing your domain (your web address) deserves careful consideration.  It’s one of the first impressions visitors to your site will have of your business.  


Your domain also affects your findability online in at least two ways.  Firstly if your domain is tricky to spell or easy to misinterpret you’re going to lose visitors to typos and misunderstandings.  So is just waiting for a typo!  Ditto websites that have ‘alternative’ spellings of common words. The photography site eventually had to buy the domain ‘ ’ because so many people typed just that into the address bar (after all, that’s exactly what it sounds like)

Reflecting You

Secondly your domain should reflect your business.  This can include exact match domains (EMDs).  EMDs contain the terms that potential visitors to your site might type into a search engine to find businesses like yours e.g.   EMDs are not as important to today’s search engines than they once were but a meaningful web address that includes keywords related to your business will still help indicate the nature of your business (and even your location, with local suffixes such as .ie).

Going Local

Speaking of suffixes (in domain names these are called top level domains or TLDs), while .com remains king and you probably should own the .com version of your domain, other suffixes can say a lot about a website.  For instance the .ie suffix indicates an Irish business (.ie,, and .fr, for example are examples of country code top level domains or ccTLDs to their friends).  This is very useful to indicate that your business is based in and operates in Ireland.  However, if you are or aspire to be an international business (or for whatever reason don’t want to align your business with a particular geographical location), you’ll want to use .com. 

All thumbs

As well as these consideration, remember that more and more people are typing web addresses with their thumbs. That is, they’re finding your website on their phone.  So including tricky characters such as numbers and hyphens, apart from being clunky to say and possible to misinterpret (‘Did you mean the numeral ‘1’ or the word ‘one’?), will annoy people trying to type your web address on a limited phone keyboard.

One Is Good, More Might Be Better

Remember that you can have multiple domains pointing to the same website.  This can be helpful but remember there will still be one main domain.  The main domain is the one that appears in the address of all the pages on your website e.g. .

And they’re just some considerations on how to present your business name in your web address.  As for what to call your business, that’s a whole other story…  

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